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Hello everyone! Hope it was a great Thanksgiving for everyone! *hugs*

It has been suggested by Susan in class, as well as Faye that we do a group Shabbos dinner sometime soon. I think it's a wonderful idea! Any suggestions for when would be a good time? Please comment on this entry for suggestions/requests.

Also had a great idea by Susan about sharing creative outlets on this weblog. She saw a little poem I wrote some time ago [on my shiksajourney journal] when I had been inspired by the Sukkah Faye showed us at Temple Israel. She wanted to know if she could share hers, and if we might branch out a Creative Writing Group of sorts from class :) I love this idea! And to help blend Judaism with poetry, I'll share the little poem:

Mortar made of gold.

The moon is following me past the Sukkot sky.
Grass cities tumble over toes
while night foils ambient rays of starlight
in a small, quiet corner of wooden walls and hanging fruit
gatherings build up to a whisper
stalking some hope encased in splinters on the roof
a darker hue paints the art
swirling in crimson, amber, blue
held together by little
fire swells beneath the surface of pine
sticky-sweet air crests the time left
before an escape is made away from the rain
past the trees
past the exit
the moon cannot sense my presence inside the brick below
which is where I leave a grin.

---S.K.L. (me) (c)2007

As for the "December Dilemma" this time of year, my husband and I have made some compromises. We have Hanukkah in this house, but I won't shut off the radio and refuse to listen to Christmas music, as it has been a deep part of my growing up, and I do love it. I can't abominish it just because I am becoming a Jew. It never had religious significance to me, so I am ok with hearing it. I am also still visiting my family during Christmas time. And while it is no longer my holiday, I won't say that I don't miss it, or won't enjoy being able to be surrounded by it when I visit my family. Becoming a Jew means also making life-choices that Born Jews don't usually have to make.
We cannot just cut out our family simply because they celebrate something we've moved away from. It isn't fair to them. This is a major hot-button issue, as we all realized when we started discussing it. But my feeling is; just because I am living a Jewish life, doesn't mean I can't appreciate the beauty and joy of the holiday season, no matter what holiday it is people are celebrating.
I am celebrating Hanukkah, but I'll still smile at the beauty of the Christmas lights when I walk by the houses that are lit. As long as a house is filled with joy, and we're all being respectful of each other's choices, I think appreciating the beauty of December in all its' glory is acceptable, regardless of the fact we're not fully indulging in like we did when we were living a non-Jewish life.

Those are just my two cents! I'm not saying this is the right way, or that everyone should feel this way. I'm just saying how I feel about it personally.

Ok everyone: thoughts? Comments? Ideas?


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