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A Make-Shift Sukkah!

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Chag Sameach to you all! :)

My Reform Fella and I weren't planning on being able to do much for the Sukkah festivities this year. We're heading to Cancun, Mexico for our Honeymoon this year on the tail-end of this week, and just have not had time
to put together the Sukkah. We were invited by my super-duper Rabbi to go her Sukkah that she and her wife are hosting at their farm, but it's behind held the day we fly out to Mexico. So we figured we would just have to do it next year.

Low and behold, my Mom calls me  on Sunday morning and asks if we wanted to do Sukkah in her and my dad's giant wooden gazebo in their yard! Now there are several things that are odd and random about this:

#1-My mom isn't Jewish

#2-her gazebo does not really techincally count as a sukkah on ALL counts

#3-How did she even know when Sukkah was?!!

She knew because she grew up in a very Jewish neighborhood in Jersey and had been to many Sukkot gatherings. She loves the holiday! :)

So tonight we ate ate wonderful food, said prayers and blessings with the willow, the citrus, and etc, we talked about Jewish history and enjoyed just being a family together. My husband's father was there, my parents were there and we had a lovely, cool Autumn Sukkot evening.

It may not have been EXACTLY what is required of Sukkot, but it was what is necessary in the heart and and for the spirit. We had dinner by candlelight (no electricity!), we had kosher food, and we had multicultural bonds to be made :)

I love being a Jew :)



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