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Well our class has come and gone. What a fantastic, and incredible journey it has been! From the guest lectures, to learning how to really "do Jewish" in our daily lives, to experiencing a genuine first-class Shabbat dinner complete with blessings, c/hallah (I've seen several spellings so I'm opting for both here), and joy all around!

 I cannot thank Faye enough for her time, effort, and endless inspiration. Faye, there aren't enough "l'chaims" in the world to truly express how grateful I think we all are for your wisdom, kindness and encouragement in helping us along our Jewish journeys. Whether we were taking this class as a stepping stone that will ultimately lead towards being reborn in the mikvah/mikveh (also a word I have seen spelled in varying ways), or to learn more about our partner's way of life, or trying to re-experience the power of what we were born into but didn't learn enough about... or just out of plain old curiosity and nothing more; I have no doubt we all learned magnitudes from sharing with one another and from Faye (and Rabbi Silton) allowing us to step into their world (and their home!).
I know I took away a lot from just sitting there and listening to all of these different facets of a life I want to live and it helped make me realize my being pulled towards Judaism as a way of life and a way of faith was no accident for me. I am so happy this is what I want to do. And meeting all of you made me even happier, because it shows just how diverse and evolved Judaism is.

I hope however; that in spite of it being the end of our class it is not the end of our varying journeys together. To that end; Susan and I put our ever-thinking heads together and came up with a couple of ideas: a Jewish movie night once a month, a writing group, a regular Shabbat dinner every few months where we could alternate between different peoples houses.
There are a bunch of different great ideas she had that made us solidify the notion that our tiny little class-community doesn't have to end with the class! We can keep our community alive and ever-growing if we just organize a bit.
What do you all think? Please comment, or e-mail me suggestions (and then I'll post them on the blog). I love the idea of continuing to add ways of "doing Jewish" to our lives by still seeing each other as a group in some way or another, even if it's only bi-monthly, or a few times a year. It's also a great way to branch out our love/curiosity/pull towards all things Judaic into our every day lives. Judaism I have found, has so enriched my very brainwaves that to keep pushing forward within a Jewish context is to create a Jewish social circle that encompasses other souls along the way just as hungry for more knowledge as I am. That of course, would be you guys! :)

So circle up! Write me! Write on here (click on the "Leave a comment" link at the bottom of this entry), or e-mail me ideas/suggestons/thoughtts/questions/etc and I will post them on the blog and then send out the word that a new entry is up. This way we can still all communicate with each other. This way, the class still lives on in spirit. We will always be students, we just have to make the time to take the class of life.

Ok, ok. With all that "L'chaim" I think I really need to break out the Fiddler...


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