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Hey all!

Sorry I haven't blogged in forever and a day! I can't believe our class is almost over!!! But at least we get to be together for Shabbat tonight! I can't wait :)

I'm getting ready to set up my Mikvah date, which excites me no end. I hope everyone had happy Challah-days :)

After I clean up my Conversion essay, if any of you are interested in reading some of it, I'd be glad to post it in chunks on here. Just let me know if it interests you! I posted all of that in  more detail on my Jewish Blog shiksajourney (just click on that work and it will take you to the journal).

I have loved hearing from all of you, your stories, your journeys, your varied philisophical outlooks regarding Judaism and the world. I love hearing different Rabbis giving us different perspectives on living a Jewish life and how Jews are not just of a faith, but of a people too. We are a blended Chosen people. I think that's a part of what makes it so wonderful. My Hebrew is still pretty rusty, but I plan on taking a class solely dealing with Hebrew perhaps at SUNY sometime soon, so that will help me move it along some.

Matt Mason wanted to share a poem he wrote on here, so here it is in lovely splendor:



When I first came to Rabbi Shoshanah she advised me to read the book of Job. I did and the Rabbi and I decided I would write something of how Job might feel AFTER G_d had made things “all better” at the end of the story.

This is the gift I gave in return to Shoshana and then to Faye for teaching me. Susan shared what she wrote with us, and so I share with the class.


This is what I came up with:



In the still quiet I am reminded

That he who stirred this dust

To cloak my soul

The air, the wind I ride

Can also cast away

All that I am or

All that is


Reflected in her eyes I see

That she can see

The love of God (and so do I)

Between us both

But mirrors (tears)

They also show

The past to me

When God’s love bound

Me to another

Another wife

Another home

Another Life

This is the gift

My share, her share

This Here

This Now

But where are the innocent eyes to whom I first

Did look and share …this love?



In making and unmaking things

Can you restore that which I knew?

And what I didn’t?

Restoring twice

What once I had

It is the bargain that you brokered and then kept

Beyond me

I simply am

And cannot bargain




Or even





I remember


Matt Mason

November 1, 2007


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