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The Writer's Block :)

Shalom everyone!

Susan from class wrote an absolutely BEAUTIFUL poem about her mother she wanted to share with everyone. She requested that I post it on our blog. I am proud to put it here. Please enjoy, and feel free to share your own Judaism/spiritual/religion-inspired poetry if you would like :) As a life-long writer myself, I always encourage creativity!

Here is Susan's Poem:

"A Love Poem (for my mother)" appeared in Judaism, in 1996. I own the reprint rights, but am supposed to acknowledge where the poem appeared first.

for my mother

Adonai of night and of flowers,
God of my life. I was not expected to be
beautiful. When flowers grew from my hands, I surprised everyone
but my mother.

In any language my name
lily. Basin in a vase
or bath of rain, I have the same wholly American
whorls (fingerprints, curls), and features as when
my first-generation mother
invited me into being
her future. She asked and I answered
with a face like her mama's
, but with different colored
petals, my hair, oh my eyes.

-- Susan Comninos (c) 2007

Here is another one I wrote some time ago after attending Shabbat at Berith Sholom:

(background info: I was inspired specifically by a lovely flute solo when our Choir did Haskieveinu (my favorite prayer)

Shabbat Sings Solo

Adonai speaks in a reedy voice.
It is little, and it is lonely.
No one can hear it.
No one can know what it is like to speak so silently,
with such a deafening tone.
Standing solo
the voice calls us out
Be heard!
Be known!
Be loved!
Believe in what you are saying,
since you have no way of hearing
what I myself have said.
This Voice holds Its' own
in spite of the oblivious crowd.
We cannot communicate
this way unless
The Lonely Voice Of G-d
seeps into our prayers,
makes notes in our sleep
so that we may allow
the sound of Roar Divine
to pierce our shattered ears
when the soul is awake enough
to hear it call our names.
When these musical particles of love
float into the Shabbat Night Air,
it is not a flute we are hearing,
but Our Creator shouting
with a quiet force
in the most direct way we able to understand.

---S.K.L. (c)2007

I also wanted to share the link to my Judaism Journal because it involves a career contemplation. It's probably a silly idea, but all of you have been so wonderful with questions and feedback lately, I had to ask if anyone had any thoughts.

Here is the entry: http://shiksajourney.livejournal.com/9821.html

Ok everyone. Please feel free to ask questions, get involved, or share thoughts!
Happy 3rd Night Of Chanukah!

"The Oracle" ;)



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